[ClusterLabs] Antwort: Re: pacemakerd: undefined symbol: crm_procfs_process_info

philipp.achmueller at arz.at philipp.achmueller at arz.at
Thu Mar 24 03:44:13 EDT 2016

Jan Pokorný <jpokorny at redhat.com> schrieb am 23.03.2016 19:22:13:

> Von: Jan Pokorný <jpokorny at redhat.com>
> An: users at clusterlabs.org
> Datum: 23.03.2016 19:23
> Betreff: Re: [ClusterLabs] pacemakerd: undefined symbol: 
> crm_procfs_process_info
> On 23/03/16 18:40 +0100, philipp.achmueller at arz.at wrote:
> > $ sudo pacemakerd -V
> > pacemakerd: symbol lookup error: pacemakerd: undefined symbol: 
> > crm_procfs_process_info
> For a start, please provide output of:
> ls -l $(rpm -E %{_libdir})/libcrmcommon.so*
> ldd $(rpm -E %{_sbindir})/pacemakerd
> Adjust the path per your actual installation, also depending
> how you got the pacemaker installed: from RPMs (assumed),
> by starting with the sources and compiling by hand, etc.

i got sources from github and compiled by hand. 

> Note that if RPMs were indeed used, you should rather make sure
> that the same version of the packages arising from single
> SRPM is installed (pacemaker, pacemaker-libs, ...).

on that hint - i removed all old source directories and startet new 
download/compilation today.
after that everything works like expected - may i messed up some old files 
in working directory.

thank you!

> -- 
> Jan (Poki)

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