[ClusterLabs] reproducible split brain

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Wed Mar 16 16:18:52 EDT 2016

On 03/16/2016 03:04 PM, Christopher Harvey wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2016, at 04:00 PM, Digimer wrote:
>> On 16/03/16 03:59 PM, Christopher Harvey wrote:
>>> I am able to create a split brain situation in corosync 1.1.13 using
>>> iptables in a 3 node cluster.
>>> I have 3 nodes, vmr-132-3, vmr-132-4, and vmr-132-5
>>> All nodes are operational and form a 3 node cluster with all nodes are
>>> members of that ring.
>>> vmr-132-3 ---> Online: [ vmr-132-3 vmr-132-4 vmr-132-5 ]
>>> vmr-132-4 ---> Online: [ vmr-132-3 vmr-132-4 vmr-132-5 ]
>>> vmr-132-5 ---> Online: [ vmr-132-3 vmr-132-4 vmr-132-5 ]
>>> so far so good.
>>> running the following on vmr-132-4 drops all incoming (but not outgoing)
>>> packets from vmr-132-3:
>>> # iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP
>>> # iptables -L
>>> Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
>>> target     prot opt source               destination
>>> DROP       all  --        anywhere
>>> Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
>>> target     prot opt source               destination
>>> Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
>>> target     prot opt source               destination
>>> vmr-132-3 ---> Online: [ vmr-132-3 vmr-132-4 vmr-132-5 ]
>>> vmr-132-4 ---> Online: [ vmr-132-4 vmr-132-5 ]
>>> vmr-132-5 ---> Online: [ vmr-132-4 vmr-132-5 ]
>>> vmr-132-3 thinks everything is normal and continues to provide service,
>>> vmr-132-4 and 5 form a new ring, achieve quorum and provide the same
>>> service. Splitting the link between 3 and 4 in both directions isolates
>>> vmr 3 from the rest of the cluster and everything fails over normally,
>>> so only a unidirectional failure causes problems.
>>> I don't have stonith enabled right now, and looking over the
>>> pacemaker.log file closely to see if 4 and 5 would normally have fenced
>>> 3, but I didn't see any fencing or stonith logs.
>>> Would stonith solve this problem, or does this look like a bug?
>> It should, that is its job.
> is there some log I can enable that would say
> "ERROR: hey, I would use stonith here, but you have it disabled! your
> warranty is void past this point! do not pass go, do not file a bug"?

Enable fencing, and create a fence device with a static host list that
doesn't match any of your nodes. Pacemaker will think fencing is
configured, but when it tries to actually fence a node, no devices will
be capable of it, and there will be errors to that effect (including "No
such device"). The cluster will block at that point. You can use
stonith_admin --confirm to manually indicate the node is down and
unblock the cluster (but be absolutely sure the node really is down!).

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