[ClusterLabs] Removing node from pacemaker.

Debabrata Pani Debabrata.Pani at mobileum.com
Fri Mar 4 00:14:27 EST 2016

Thanx Ken,


On 03/03/16 22:18, "Ken Gaillot" <kgaillot at redhat.com> wrote:

>On 03/03/2016 06:04 AM, Debabrata Pani wrote:
>> ode-delete.html
>> Are we missing the deletion of the nodes from the cib ?
>That documentation is old; crm_node -R does remove the node from the CIB.
>> Regards,
>> Debabrata 
>> From:  Somanath Jeeva <somanath.jeeva at ericsson.com>
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>> Date:  Thursday, 3 March 2016 17:14
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>> Subject:  [ClusterLabs]  Removing node from pacemaker.
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to remove a node from the pacemaker¹/corosync cluster, using
>> the command ³crm_node -R dl360x4061 ­force².
>The above command removes the node from pacemaker itself, but not the
>underlying cluster layer, which should be done first.
>High-level tools often offer simple commands to handle both the
>pacemaker and cluster layer parts for you. For pcs, it's "pcs cluster
>node remove <nodename>".
>Otherwise, the process for removing the node from the cluster layer
>varies by what you're using -- heartbeat, corosync 1 with plugin,
>corosync 1 with CMAN, or corosync 2. Generally, you want to stop the
>cluster software on the node to be removed first, then remove the node
>from the layer's configuration on the remaining nodes if it is
>explicitly specified there.
>> Though this command removes the node from the cluster, it is appearing
>> offline after pacemaker/corosync restart in the nodes that are online.
>> Is there any other command to completely delete the node from the
>> pacemaker/corosync cluster.
>> Pacemaker and Corosync Versions.
>> PACEMAKER=1.1.10
>> COROSYNC=1.4.1
>> Regards
>> Somanath Thilak J
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