[ClusterLabs] spread out resources

Ferenc Wágner wferi at niif.hu
Wed Mar 30 21:37:45 EDT 2016


I've got a couple of resources (A, B, C, D, ... more than cluster nodes)
that I want to spread out to different nodes as much as possible.  They
are all the same, there's no distinguished one amongst them.  I tried

<rsc_colocation id="cl-test-spread" score="-50">
  <resource_set id="cl-test-spread-set" sequential="false">
    <resource_ref id="A"/>
    <resource_ref id="B"/>
    <resource_ref id="C"/>
    <resource_ref id="D"/>
  <resource_set id-ref="cl-test-spread-set"/>

But crm_simulate did not finish with the above in the CIB.
What's a good way to get this working?

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