[ClusterLabs] [Announce] libqb 10.rc4 release

Christine Caulfield ccaulfie at redhat.com
Thu Mar 17 12:37:03 EDT 2016

This is a bugfix release and a potential 1.0 candidate.

There are no actual code changes in this release, most of the patches
are to the build system. Thanks to Jan Pokorný for, er, all of them.
I've bumped the library soname to 0.18.0 which should really have
happened last time.

Changes from 1.0rc3

    build: fix tests/_syslog_override.h not being distributed
    build: enable syslog tests when configuring in spec
    build: do not install syslog_override for the RPM packaging
    build: update library soname to 0.18.0
    build: do not try to second-guess "distdir" Automake variable
    build: switch to XZ tarball format for {,s}rpm packaging
    CI: make sure RPM can be built all the time
    Generating the man pages definitely doesn't depend on existence of
(possibly generated) header files that we omit anyway.
    build: drop extra qbconfig.h rule for auto_check_header self-test
    build: extra clean-local rule instead of overriding clean-generic
    build: docs: {dependent -> public}_headers + more robust obtaining
    build: tests: grab "public_headers" akin to docs precedent
    build: fix preposterous usage of $(AM_V_GEN)
    build: tests: add intermediate check-headers target
    CI: "make check" already included in "make distcheck"
    build: fix out-of-tree build broken with 0b04ed5 (#184)
    docs: enhance qb_log_ctl* description + fix doxygen warning
    docs: apply "doxygen -u" on {html,man}.dox.in, fix deprecations
    docs: {html,man}.dox.in: strip options for unused outputs
    docs: {html,man}.dox.in: unify where reasonable
    docs: make README.markdown always point to "CURRENT" docs
    build: reorder LINT_FLAGS in a more logical way
    build: make the code splint-friendly where not already
    build: better support for splint checker
    build: make splint check tolerant of existing defects

The current release tarball is here:

The github repository is here:

Please report bugs and issues in bugzilla:

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