[ClusterLabs] Minimum configuration for dynamically adding a node to a cluster

Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais jgdr at dalibo.com
Wed Jun 8 07:54:22 EDT 2016

Le 8 juin 2016 13:36:03 GMT+02:00, Nikhil Utane <nikhil.subscribed at gmail.com> a écrit :
>Would like to know the best and easiest way to add a new node to an
>running cluster.
>Our limitation:
>1) pcsd cannot be used since (as per my understanding) it communicates
>ssh which is prevented.

As far as i remember,  pcsd deamons use their own tcp port (not the ssh one) and communicate with each others using http queries (over ssl i suppose).

As far as i understand, crmsh uses ssh, not pcsd.

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