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Sat Jun 4 02:10:02 EDT 2016

On 03/06/16 01:33 PM, Dimitri Maziuk wrote:
> Hi all,
> quick question: is anyone running an MTA on an active-passive cluster?
> Specifically, I need to do a stop - wait for drbd fs to move over -
> update symlinks - then start again -- on both nodes. So that on the
> active node the MTA runs with "mail gateway" postfix config in
> /drbd/etc/postfix and on the passive: with "send-only" config in
> /etc/postfix.
> Off the top of my head it looks like defining two postfix resources that
> both start/stop the same postfix only at different times/on different
> nodes should do the trick. Any gotchas I'm not seeing? Better ways to
> accomplish it?
> (I know running an MTA that way is not the Approved Way(tm), I have my
> reasons for wanting to it like this.)

We're running postfix/dovecot/postgres for our mail on an HA cluster,
but we put it all in a set of VMs and made the VMs HA on DRBD. We go
this route because one setup can be adapted to just about any
application. This also allows migrations without interruptions.

Didn't answer you question, but maybe an alternate approach to consider.

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