[ClusterLabs] Error "xml does not conform to the schema" upon "pcs cluster standby" command

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Fri Jun 3 11:34:41 EDT 2016

Hello Nikhil,

On 03/06/16 16:33 +0530, Nikhil Utane wrote:
> The node is up alright.
> [root at airv_cu pcs]# pcs cluster status
> Cluster Status:
>  Stack: corosync
>  Current DC: airv_cu (version 1.1.14-5a6cdd1) - partition WITHOUT quorum
>  Last updated: Fri Jun  3 11:01:32 2016         Last change: Fri Jun  3
> 09:57:52 2016 by hacluster via crmd on airv_cu
>  2 nodes and 0 resources configured
> Upon entering command "pcs cluster standby airv_cu" getting below error.
> Error: cannot load cluster status, xml does not conform to the schema.
> What could be wrong?

if you have a decently recent versions of both pacemaker and pcs (ca 3
months old or newer) it's entirely possible that this commit will
resolve it for you on the pacemaker side:


I'm just about to provide update to the expected test results and then
it (the whole pull request) is expected to land soon after that.

Jan (Poki)
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