[ClusterLabs] Can't get nfs4 to work.

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn dennisml at conversis.de
Thu Jun 2 08:43:47 EDT 2016

On 02.06.2016 09:18, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
> "Stephano-Shachter, Dylan" <dstathis at seas.harvard.edu> writes:
>> I can not figure out why version 4 is not supported.
> Have you got fsid=root (or fsid=0) on your root export?
> See man exports.

This is apparently no longer recommended:

"The linux implementation allows you to designate a real filesystem as
the pseudofilesystem, identifying that export with the fsid=0 option; we
no longer recommend this. Instead, on any recent linux distribution,
just list exports in /etc/exports exactly as you would for NFSv2 or NFSv3. "


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