[ClusterLabs] Apache Active Active Balancer without FileSystem Cluster

alan john alanzkorner at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 13 08:33:59 EDT 2016

Dear All, 

I am trying to setup an  Apache active-active cluster. I do not wish to have common file system for both nodes. it i  However I do not like to have  pcs/corosync to start or stop apache, but monitor it and move only VIP  to secondary node and on recovery pull it back. Would this be practically possible or do you think it is not-achievable. 

I have following constraints. 

1. Virtual IP is not where apache is not running. --- Could not achieve. 
2. Node 1 is priority ----- Works fine 
3. pcs should not start/ stop apache  -- Works fine using un-managed 
4. send mail when vip gets switched or cluster status changes -- guess achievable. 
5.  pcs monitor apache process id  and responses to satisfy Pt1. 


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