[ClusterLabs] pg cluster secondary not syncing after failover

Peter Brunnengräber pbrunnen at bccglobal.com
Mon Jul 18 16:35:04 EDT 2016

Hello Ken,
  Thanks for the feedback.  Yea, I am on v1.4.2 currently.
Let me start with checking my resource script against the head and see if anything pops out at me.


-With kind regards,
 Peter Brunnengräber

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Subject: Re: [ClusterLabs] pg cluster secondary not syncing after failover

Hopefully, someone with pgsql experience can comment -- I can only give
some general pointers.

The cluster software versions in wheezy are considered quite old at this
point, though I'm not aware of anything in particular that would affect
this scenario.

Pacemaker was dropped from jessie due to an unfortunate missed deadline,
but the Debian HA team has gotten recent versions of everything working
and deployed to jessie-backports (as well as stretch and sid), so it is
easy to get a cluster going on jessie now.

You might also compare your installed pgsql resource agent against the
latest upstream to see if any changes might be relevant:


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