[ClusterLabs] [Announce] clufter-0.57.0 (+0.56.3) released

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Thu Jul 7 16:34:32 EDT 2016

On 07/07/16 15:16 +0200, Jan Pokorný wrote:
> (somehow I managed to mangle the changelog, also in the tag message
> where I just copied the lines from, so to reconcile that,
> modifications inline below)

(gotta switch from holiday mode again)

> On 01/07/16 22:57 +0200, Jan Pokorný wrote:
>> Changelog highlights for v0.56.3:
>> - this is a bug fix release
>> - bug fixes:
>>   . with *2pcscmd* commands, clufter no longer suggests
>>     "pcs cluster cib <file> --config" that doesn't currently work for
>>     subsequent local-modification pcs commands (which is the purpose
>>     together with sequence-crowning cib-push in this context), so
>>     rather use mere "pcs cluster cib <file>"
>      [resolves: rhbz#1328078]

v-- actually this was a mis-paste from v0.56.1

>      . with *2pcscmd* commands, clufter no longer chokes on
>>     validation failures (unless --nocheck provided) due to source CIB
>>     file using newer "validate-with" validation version specification
>>     than the only supported so far (pacemaker-1.2.rng) or possibly
>>     using a syntax not compatible with that; now also 2.0, 2.3 and 2.4
>>     versions are supported, and the specfile is ready to borrow the
>>     schemas from the installed pacemaker on-the-fly during a build stage

^-- actually this was a mis-paste from v0.56.1

>>   . with [cp]cs2pcscmd commands, clufter no longer suggests
>>     "pcs cluster start --all --wait=-1"  as part of the emitted command
>>     sequence  (last option decides, through a failure, whether pcs accepts
>>     a numeric argument there, which would then make the rest of sequence
>>     use this recent, more elegant provision of pcs instead of "sleep")
>>     without suppressing both standard and error outputs so as to prevent
>>     unnecessary clutter with newer, compatible versions of pcs

Jan (Poki)
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