[ClusterLabs] [Announce] clufter v0.59.0 released

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Fri Jul 22 12:37:22 EDT 2016

I am happy to announce that clufter, a tool/library for transforming
and analyzing cluster configuration formats, got its version 0.59.0
released and published (incl. signature using my 60BCBB4F5CD7F9EF key):
or alternative (original) location:

The test suite for this version is also provided:
or alternatively:

Changelog highlights for v0.59.0:
- this is a feature extension and bug fix release
- bug fixes:
  . previously, pcs2pcscmd* commands would attempt to have quorum
    device configured using "pcs quorum add" whereas the correct syntax
    is "pcs quorum device add"
  . with {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands, clufter no longer chokes on
    validation failures (unless --nocheck provided) due to source CIB
    file using newer "validate-with" validation version specification
    than supported so far, such as with pacemaker-2.5 introducing the
    alert handlers stanza in CIB, because the support has been extended
    up that very version (only affects deployments that do not borrow
    the schemas from the installed pacemaker on-the-fly during a build
    stage, which is not the case when building RPMs using the upstream
- feature extensions:
  . {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands are now aware of configured alert
    handlers in CIB and able to emit respective configuration
    commands using pcs tool
- functional changes:
  . due to too many moving targets (corosync, pacemaker, pcs) with
    features being gradually added, clufter as of this release
    relies on the specified distribution target (which basically boils
    down to snapshot of the supported features, as opposed to passing
    zillion extra parameters expressing the same) stronger than ever;
    this has several implications: do not expect that one sequence
    of pcs commands at the clufter's output is portable to completely
    different environment, and your distribution/setup may not be
    supported (I try to cover Fedora, RHEL+derivates, Debian and Ubuntu
    directly) in which case facts.py (where everything is tracked)
    needs to be patched

* * *

The public repository (notably master and next branches) is currently at
(rather than <https://github.com/jnpkrn/clufter>).

Official, signed releases can be found at
<https://pagure.io/releases/clufter/> or, alternatively, at
(also beware, automatic git archives preserve a "dev structure").

Natively packaged in Fedora (python-clufter, clufter-cli).

Issues & suggestions can be reported at either of (regardless if Fedora)

Happy clustering/high-availing :)

Jan (Poki)
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