[ClusterLabs] Setup problem: couldn't find command: tcm_node

Jason A Ramsey jason at eramsey.org
Wed Jul 20 11:08:48 EDT 2016

I have been struggling getting a HA iSCSI Target cluster in place for literally weeks. I cannot, for whatever reason, get pacemaker to create an iSCSILogicalUnit resource. The error message that I’m seeing leads me to believe that I’m missing something on the systems (“tcm_node”). Here are my setup commands leading up to seeing this error message:

# pcs resource create hdcvbnas_tgtsvc ocf:heartbeat:iSCSITarget iqn="iqn.2016-07.local.hsinawsdev:hdcvadbs-witness" op monitor interval=15s

# pcs resource create hdcvbnas_lun0 ocf:heartbeat:iSCSILogicalUnit target_iqn="iqn.2016-07.local.hsinawsdev:hdcvadbs-witness" lun="0" path=/dev/drbd1 implementation="lio" op monitor interval=15s

Failed Actions:
* hdcvbnas_lun0_stop_0 on hdc1anas002 'not installed' (5): call=321, status=complete, exitreason='Setup problem: couldn't find command: tcm_node',
    last-rc-change='Wed Jul 20 10:51:15 2016', queued=0ms, exec=32ms

This is with the following installed:


Please please please…any ideas are appreciated. I’ve exhausted all avenues of investigation at this point and don’t know what to do. Thank you!

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