[ClusterLabs] Sticky resource not sticky after unplugging network cable

Auer, Jens jens.auer at cgi.com
Fri Jul 1 03:13:54 EDT 2016


I have an active/passive cluster configuration and I am trying to make a virtual IP resource sticky such that it does not move back to a node after a fail-over. In my setup, I have a location preference for the virtual IP to the "primary" node:
pcs resource show --full
 Resource: mda-ip (class=ocf provider=heartbeat type=IPaddr2)
  Attributes: ip= cidr_netmask=32 nic=bond0
  Meta Attrs: stickiniess=201
  Operations: start interval=0s timeout=20s (mda-ip-start-interval-0s)
              stop interval=0s timeout=20s (mda-ip-stop-interval-0s)
              monitor interval=30s (mda-ip-monitor-interval-30s)
 Master: drbd1_sync
  Meta Attrs: master-max=1 master-node-max=1 clone-max=2 clone-node-max=1 notify=true
  Resource: drbd1 (class=ocf provider=linbit type=drbd)
   Attributes: drbd_resource=shared_fs
   Operations: start interval=0s timeout=240 (drbd1-start-interval-0s)
               promote interval=0s timeout=90 (drbd1-promote-interval-0s)
               demote interval=0s timeout=90 (drbd1-demote-interval-0s)
               stop interval=0s timeout=100 (drbd1-stop-interval-0s)
               monitor interval=60s (drbd1-monitor-interval-60s)
 Resource: shared_fs (class=ocf provider=heartbeat type=Filesystem)
  Attributes: device=/dev/drbd1 directory=/shared_fs fstype=xfs
  Operations: start interval=0s timeout=60 (shared_fs-start-interval-0s)
              stop interval=0s timeout=60 (shared_fs-stop-interval-0s)
              monitor interval=20 timeout=40 (shared_fs-monitor-interval-20)
 Resource: PF-PEP (class=ocf provider=pfpep type=pfpep_clusterSwitch)
  Operations: start interval=0s timeout=20 (PF-PEP-start-interval-0s)
              stop interval=0s timeout=20 (PF-PEP-stop-interval-0s)
              monitor interval=10 timeout=20 (PF-PEP-monitor-interval-10)
 Clone: supervisor-clone
  Resource: supervisor (class=ocf provider=pfpep type=pfpep_supervisor)
   Operations: start interval=0s timeout=20 (supervisor-start-interval-0s)
               stop interval=0s timeout=20 (supervisor-stop-interval-0s)
               monitor interval=10 timeout=20 (supervisor-monitor-interval-10)
 Clone: snmpAgent-clone
  Resource: snmpAgent (class=ocf provider=pfpep type=pfpep_snmpAgent)
   Operations: start interval=0s timeout=20 (snmpAgent-start-interval-0s)
               stop interval=0s timeout=20 (snmpAgent-stop-interval-0s)
               monitor interval=10 timeout=20 (snmpAgent-monitor-interval-10)

Location Constraints:
  Resource: mda-ip
    Enabled on: MDA1PFP (score:50) (id:location-mda-ip-MDA1PFP-50)
Ordering Constraints:
  promote drbd1_sync then start shared_fs (kind:Mandatory) (id:order-drbd1_sync-shared_fs-mandatory)
  start shared_fs then start PF-PEP (kind:Mandatory) (id:order-shared_fs-PF-PEP-mandatory)
  start snmpAgent-clone then start supervisor-clone (kind:Optional) (id:order-snmpAgent-clone-supervisor-clone-Optional)
  start shared_fs then start snmpAgent-clone (kind:Optional) (id:order-shared_fs-snmpAgent-clone-Optional)
Colocation Constraints:
  mda-ip with drbd1_sync (score:INFINITY) (with-rsc-role:Master) (id:colocation-mda-ip-drbd1_sync-INFINITY)
  shared_fs with drbd1_sync (score:INFINITY) (with-rsc-role:Master) (id:colocation-shared_fs-drbd1_sync-INFINITY)
  PF-PEP with mda-ip (score:INFINITY) (id:colocation-PF-PEP-mda-ip-INFINITY)

pcs resource defaults
resource-stickiness: 100

I use the virtual IP as a master resource and colocate everyhting else with it. The resource prefers one node with a score of 50, and the stickiness is 100 so I expect that after switching to the passive node and activating the primary node again the resource stays on the passive node. This works fine if I manually stop the primary node with pcs cluster stop. However, when I try to force a fail-over by unplugging the network cables of the primary node, and then after waiting  plug in the cables again, the resource moves back to the primary node.

I tried larger stickiness values, and also to set a meta resource-stickiness property on the resource itself, but it did not change. How do configure this?

Best wishes,

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