[ClusterLabs] Moving Anvil! and Striker development to this list

Digimer lists at alteeve.ca
Mon Jan 25 16:49:11 EST 2016

Hi all,

  The Anvil! and Striker (and now ScanCore) projects used to have their
own low-volume mailing list. Recently it started getting some use and,
being the one who advocated the strongest for the merger of lists, I
decided to close it down and migrate over to here.

  To give a brief overview of what Anvil!, Striker and ScanCore is;

  The "Anvil!" is the name of our 2-node HA cluster based on this[1]
tutorial. It's also the term we generally use for the full HA stack
we've built.

  Striker[2] is a web-based front-end for Managing Anvil! clusters and
the servers that run on them. It has been in very heavy development the
last year and change and we're getting close to the version 2 release
"real soon now(tm)".

  ScanCore[3] is a new component that runs on both Anvil! nodes and
Striker dashboards. It was initially announced at the HA Summit in Brno
in 2015 is it's release will coincide with Striker v2's release. It is
an alert, predictive failure and mitigation program that is technically
stand-alone but has been built into the heart of the Anvil! platform. It
is inherently redundant does things like watch for faults, try to
recover from known problems autonomously and alert users to these issues.

  I've been somewhat reluctant to move our list over because Alteeve,
our company and the company that builds and maintains the Anvil!,
Striker and ScanCore is for-profit. However, _everything_ we do is open
source, so I hope that won't be held against us. :)

  If anyone has any comments or concerns about us moving our project
discussion to this list, please let me know and I'll do what I can to
make sure we address those concerns.



1. https://alteeve.ca/w/AN!Cluster_Tutorial_2
2. https://github.com/digimer/striker
3. https://github.com/digimer/striker/tree/master/ScanCore

Papers and Projects: https://alteeve.ca/w/
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