[ClusterLabs] booth release candidate v1.0rc1

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 14 08:12:50 EST 2016

Hello everybody,

The booth repository was tagged as v1.0rc1 two days ago:


The list of changes since v0.2.0 is available in the ChangeLog:


Apart from bug fixes, these are the most prominent changes:

- Geo attributes

  booth can now manage site-wide attributes. The attributes are
  stored in the CIB, but can be set or retrieved from other

- HMAC based authentication

  booth can now authenticate both servers and clients.

- Improved reliability

  The operation of booth v0.2.0 can be blocked by misbehaving
  clients or external helpers (before-acquire-handler). Both of
  these deficiencies have been fixed.

The binaries are provided for some Linux distributions. Currently,
there are packages for CentOS7 and various openSUSE versions:


booth can be easily built on other Linux distributions.

There's a suite of tests called "Live tests", see the documentation here:


We'll allow three weeks for testing with the final release
planned for the second week in February. Please test!

If you don't know what booth is and what is it good for, please
check the README at the bottom of the git repository home page:




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