[ClusterLabs] Passing and binding to virtual IP in my service

Nikhil Utane nikhil.subscribed at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 04:28:29 EST 2016


I have my cluster up and running just fine. I have a dummy service that
sends UDP packets out to another host.

 Resource Group: MyGroup
     ClusterIP  (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2):       Started node1
     UDPSend    (ocf::nikhil:UDPSend):  Started node1

If I ping to the virtual IP from outside, the response goes via virtual IP.
But if I initiate ping from node1, then it takes the actual (non-virtual
IP). This is expected since I am not binding to the vip. (ping -I vip works
So my question is, how to pass the virtual IP to my UDPSend OCF agent so
that it can then bind to the vip? This will ensure that all messages
initiated by my UDPSend goes from vip.

Out of curiosity, where is this virtual IP stored in the kernel?
I expected to see a secondary interface ( for e.g. eth0:1) with the vip but
it isn't there.

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