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> Betreff: Re: [ClusterLabs] Antwort: Re:  hawk - pacemaker remote
> philipp.achmueller at arz.at writes:
> >
> > tried several things, didn't get this working. 
> > Any examples how to configure this? 
> > Also how to configure for VirtualDomain with remote_node enabled
> >
> > thank you!
> >
> Without any details, it is difficult to help - what things did you try,
> what does "not working" mean? Hawk can show remote nodes, but it only
> shows them if they have entries in the nodes section of the
> configuration (as Ken said).


this is my current testsystem:

Online: [ lnx0223a lnx0223b ]
GuestOnline: [ vm-lnx0106a at lnx0223b vm-lnx0107a at lnx0223a ]

Full list of resources:

stonith_sbd     (stonith:external/sbd): Started lnx0223a
 Clone Set: base-clone [base-group]
     Started: [ lnx0223a lnx0223b ]
     Stopped: [ vm-lnx0106a vm-lnx0107a ]
FAKE1   (ocf::pacemaker:Dummy): Started lnx0223b
 Clone Set: post-clone [postfix-service]
     Started: [ vm-lnx0106a vm-lnx0107a ]
     Stopped: [ lnx0223a lnx0223b ]
fence-lnx0106a  (stonith:external/libvirt):     Started lnx0223b
fence-lnx0107a  (stonith:external/libvirt):     Started lnx0223a
lnx0106a        (ocf::heartbeat:VirtualDomain): Started lnx0223b
lnx0107a        (ocf::heartbeat:VirtualDomain): Started lnx0223a
remote-paceip   (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr):        Started vm-lnx0106a

node section shows:
      <node id="167873318" uname="lnx0223a">
        <instance_attributes id="nodes-167873318">
          <nvpair id="nodes-167873318-maintenance" name="maintenance" 
      <node id="167873319" uname="lnx0223b">
        <instance_attributes id="nodes-167873319">
          <nvpair id="nodes-167873319-maintenance" name="maintenance" 
      <node type="remote" id="vm-lnx0106a" uname="vm-lnx0106a">
        <instance_attributes id="nodes-vm-lnx0106a">
          <nvpair id="nodes-vm-lnx0106a-hawkdummy" name="hawkdummy" 
      <node type="remote" id="vm-lnx0107a" uname="vm-lnx0107a">
        <instance_attributes id="nodes-vm-lnx0107a">
          <nvpair id="nodes-vm-lnx0107a-hawkdummy" name="hawkdummy" 

Hawk/Status still show remote nodes as "Offline"

thank you!

> Cheers,
> Kristoffer
> -- 
> // Kristoffer Grönlund
> // kgronlund at suse.com

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