[ClusterLabs] emergency stop does not honor resources ordering constraints (?)

Radoslaw Garbacz radoslaw.garbacz at xtremedatainc.com
Tue Dec 6 12:50:16 EST 2016


I have encountered a problem with pacemaker resources shutdown in case of
(seems like) any emergency situation, when order constraints are not
I would be grateful for any information, whether this behavior is
intentional or should not happen (i.e. some testing issue rather then
pacemaker behavior). It would also be helpful to know if there is any
configuration parameter altering this, or whether there can be any reason
(cluster event) triggering not ordered resources stop.


To illustrate the issue I provide an example below and my collected data.
My environment uses resources cloning feature - maybe this contributes to
my tests outcome.

* Example:
- having resources ordered with constraints: A -> B -> C
- when stopping with 'crm_resources' command (all at once) resources are
stopped: C, B, A
- when stopping by terminating pacemaker resources are stopped: C, B, A
- when there is a monitoring error or quorum lost: no order is honored e.g.
B, C, A

* Version details:
Pacemaker 1.1.15-1.1f8e642.git.el6
Corosync Cluster Engine, version ''

* My ordering constraints:
Ordering Constraints:
  dbx_first_primary then dbx_head_head (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_first_primary-clone then dbx_head_head (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_head_head then dbx_mounts_nodes (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_head_head then dbx_mounts_nodes-clone (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_mounts_nodes then dbx_bind_mounts_nodes (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_mounts_nodes-clone then dbx_bind_mounts_nodes-clone (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_bind_mounts_nodes then dbx_nfs_nodes (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_bind_mounts_nodes-clone then dbx_nfs_nodes-clone (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_nfs_nodes then dbx_gss_datas (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_nfs_nodes-clone then dbx_gss_datas-clone (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_gss_datas then dbx_nfs_mounts_datas (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_gss_datas-clone then dbx_nfs_mounts_datas-clone (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_nfs_mounts_datas then dbx_swap_nodes (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_nfs_mounts_datas-clone then dbx_swap_nodes-clone (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_swap_nodes then dbx_sync_head (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_swap_nodes-clone then dbx_sync_head (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_sync_head then dbx_dbx_datas (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_sync_head then dbx_dbx_datas-clone (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_dbx_datas then dbx_dbx_head (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_dbx_datas-clone then dbx_dbx_head (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_dbx_head then dbx_web_head (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_web_head then dbx_ready_primary (kind:Mandatory)
  dbx_web_head then dbx_ready_primary-clone (kind:Mandatory)

* Pacemaker stop (OK):
ready.ocf.sh(dbx_ready_primary)[18639]: 2016/12/06_15:40:32 INFO:
ready_stop: Stopping resource
mng.ocf.sh(dbx_mng_head)[20312]:        2016/12/06_15:40:44 INFO: mng_stop:
Stopping resource
web.ocf.sh(dbx_web_head)[20310]:        2016/12/06_15:40:44 INFO:
dbxcl_stop: Stopping resource
dbx.ocf.sh(dbx_dbx_head)[20569]:        2016/12/06_15:40:46 INFO:
dbxcl_stop: Stopping resource
sync.ocf.sh(dbx_sync_head)[20719]:      2016/12/06_15:40:54 INFO:
sync_stop: Stopping resource
swap.ocf.sh(dbx_swap_nodes)[21053]:     2016/12/06_15:40:56 INFO:
swap_stop: Stopping resource
nfs.ocf.sh(dbx_nfs_nodes)[21151]:       2016/12/06_15:40:58 INFO: nfs_stop:
Stopping resource
dbx_mounts.ocf.sh(dbx_bind_mounts_nodes)[21344]:        2016/12/06_15:40:59
INFO: dbx_mounts_stop: Stopping resource
dbx_mounts.ocf.sh(dbx_mounts_nodes)[21767]:     2016/12/06_15:41:01 INFO:
dbx_mounts_stop: Stopping resource
head.ocf.sh(dbx_head_head)[22213]:      2016/12/06_15:41:04 INFO:
head_stop: Stopping resource
first.ocf.sh(dbx_first_primary)[22999]: 2016/12/06_15:41:11 INFO:
first_stop: Stopping resource

* Quorum lost:
sync.ocf.sh(dbx_sync_head)[23099]:      2016/12/06_16:42:04 INFO:
sync_stop: Stopping resource
nfs.ocf.sh(dbx_nfs_nodes)[23102]:       2016/12/06_16:42:04 INFO: nfs_stop:
Stopping resource
mng.ocf.sh(dbx_mng_head)[23101]:        2016/12/06_16:42:04 INFO: mng_stop:
Stopping resource
ready.ocf.sh(dbx_ready_primary)[23104]: 2016/12/06_16:42:04 INFO:
ready_stop: Stopping resource
web.ocf.sh(dbx_web_head)[23344]:        2016/12/06_16:42:04 INFO:
dbxcl_stop: Stopping resource
dbx_mounts.ocf.sh(dbx_bind_mounts_nodes)[23664]:        2016/12/06_16:42:05
INFO: dbx_mounts_stop: Stopping resource
dbx_mounts.ocf.sh(dbx_mounts_nodes)[24459]:     2016/12/06_16:42:08 INFO:
dbx_mounts_stop: Stopping resource
head.ocf.sh(dbx_head_head)[25036]:      2016/12/06_16:42:11 INFO:
head_stop: Stopping resource
swap.ocf.sh(dbx_swap_nodes)[27491]:     2016/12/06_16:43:08 INFO:
swap_stop: Stopping resource

Best Regards,

Radoslaw Garbacz
XtremeData Incorporation
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