[ClusterLabs] Antw: Re: ocf scripts shell and local variables

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Tue Aug 30 02:17:19 EDT 2016

>>> Dmitri Maziuk <dmitri.maziuk at gmail.com> schrieb am 29.08.2016 um 17:13 in
Nachricht <161a5209-166c-e837-dcb0-169b8a4b3b6e at gmail.com>:
> On 2016-08-29 04:06, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
>> Thanks, though this does not work :)
> Uhm... right. Too many languages, sorry: perl's system() will call the 
> login shell, system system() uses /bin/sh, and exec()s will run whatever 
> the programmer tells them to. The point is none of them cares what 
> shell's in shebang line AFAIK.

Nonsense: If you use the exec system call, it uses the shebang; if you explictly call the script with a shell, that shell is used. Read the docs of the language or library!

> But anyway, you're correct; a lot of linux "shell" scripts are bash-only 
> and pacemaker RAs are no exception.
> Dima
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