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Gabriele Bulfon gbulfon at sonicle.com
Thu Aug 25 10:24:06 EDT 2016

YESSS!!! That was it! :)))
Upgraded to 1.1.15, rebuilt and the rng files contain a lot more stuff.
Packaged, published, installed on the test machine: got all my instructions as is!!! :)))
...now last steps....making our custom agents/shells work on this new setup ;)
For example, what does the yellow "stopped" state mean?
Here is the last rows of crm output after my config instructions :
Full list of resources:
xstorage1-stonith   (stonith:external/ssh-sonicle): Stopped
xstorage2-stonith   (stonith:external/ssh-sonicle): Stopped
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Data: 25 agosto 2016 15.55.35 CEST
Oggetto: Re: [ClusterLabs] converting configuration
On 08/25/2016 03:07 AM, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
Also found this :
sonicle at xstorage1:~# crm_verify -LV
xmlRelaxNGParseElement: element has no content
error: crm_abort: validate_with_relaxng: Triggered assert at xml.c:5285
: ctx-rng != NULL
error: validate_with_relaxng: Could not find/parse
error: unpack_resources: Resource start-up disabled since no STONITH
resources have been defined
error: unpack_resources: Either configure some or disable STONITH with
the stonith-enabled option
error: unpack_resources: NOTE: Clusters with shared data need STONITH to
ensure data integrity
Errors found during check: config not valid
while pacemaker-2.4.rng is there, containing:
and fencing-2.4.rng is there containing elements for stonith...
That looks odd ... there should be a lot more there than just fencing
(options, nodes, constraints, etc.).
The pacemaker-*.rng files are automatically generated by the Makefile
from the other *.rng files. Something might be going wrong in that
process on your system. It uses sed and sort, so most likely the syntax
usage is different from what's on Linux.
You might try pacemaker-1.1.15 first; it had some non-Linux
compatibility improvements that might apply to your OS. It also has a
good number of bug fixes.
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*Data:* 25 agosto 2016 10.01.17 CEST
*Oggetto:* Re: [ClusterLabs] converting configuration
Yes I'm packaging for our distro from sources, pacemaker 1.1.14,
corosync 2.4.1 and crm-shell 2.2.1
Our distro is an illumos distro, XStreamOS.
How can I check where it's looking for available primitives?
Here's the output from crm -dR:
sonicle at xstorage1:~# crm -dR
.EXT /usr/libexec/pacemaker/crmd version
DEBUG: pacemaker version: [err: ][out: CRM Version: 1.1.14 (70404b0)]
DEBUG: found pacemaker version: 1.1.14
crm(live)# configure
.INP: configure
.EXT cibadmin -Ql
crm(live)configure# show
.INP: show
node 1: xstorage1
node 2: xstorage2
property cib-bootstrap-options: \
have-watchdog=false \
dc-version=1.1.14-70404b0 \
crm(live)configure# primitive xstorage1-stonith
stonith:external/ssh-sonicle \
.INP: primitive xstorage1-stonith stonith:external/ssh-sonicle \
op monitor interval="25" timeout="25" start-delay="25" \
.INP: op monitor interval="25" timeout="25" start-delay="25" \
params hostlist="xstorage1"
.INP: params hostlist="xstorage1"
ERROR: primitive not supported by the RNG schema
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Cluster Labs
- All topics related to open-source clustering welcomed
Data: 24 agosto 2016 20.40.08 CEST
Oggetto: Re: [ClusterLabs] converting configuration
Gabriele Bulfon
In my previous tests I used a prebuilt older
pacemaker/heartbeat package with a configuration like:
primitive xstor2-stonith stonith:external/ssh-sonicle \ op
monitor interval="25" timeout="25" start-delay="25" \ params
hostlist="xstor2"primitive xstor3-stonith
stonith:external/ssh-sonicle \ op monitor interval="25"
timeout="25" start-delay="25" \ params hostlist="xstor3"location
xstor2-stonith-pref xstor2-stonith -inf: xstor2location
xstor3-stonith-pref xstor3-stonith -inf: xstor3property
Now that I upgraded everything from sources and moved over to
corosync 2, these commands are not recognized, refused
with "primitive not supported by the RNG schema".
Is there any way I can easily convert my old commands into the
new ones?
Hmm, that is a misleading error message. It sounds like crmsh isn't
finding the Pacemaker schema correctly. Try running it with -dR
arguments and see if you get any strange errors.
Did you build from source yourself? What distribution are you
You may need some different arguments to configure for it to locate
everything correctly.
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// kgronlund at suse.com
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