[ClusterLabs] pacemakerd quits after few seconds with some errors

Gabriele Bulfon gbulfon at sonicle.com
Tue Aug 23 02:50:28 EDT 2016

Ok, looks like Corosync now runs fine with its version, but then pacemakerd fails again with new errors on attrd and other daemons it tries to fork.
The main reason seems around ha signon and cluster process group api.
Any idea?
Sonicle S.r.l.
Quantum Mechanics :
Da: Jan Pokorný
A: users at clusterlabs.org
Data: 23 agosto 2016 7.59.37 CEST
Oggetto: Re: [ClusterLabs] pacemakerd quits after few seconds with some	errors
On 23/08/16 07:23 +0200, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
Thanks! I am using Corosync 2.3.6 and Pacemaker 1.1.4 using the "--with-corosync".
How is Corosync looking for his own version?
The situation may be as easy as building corosync from GitHub-provided
automatic tarball, which is never a good idea if upstream has its own
way of proper release delivery:
(specific URLs are also being part of the corosync announcements
on this list)
The issue with automatic tarballs already reported:
Jan (Poki)
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