[ClusterLabs] Fencing with a 3-node (1 for quorum only) cluster

Dan Swartzendruber dswartz at druber.com
Sat Aug 6 20:22:06 EDT 2016

On 2016-08-06 19:46, Digimer wrote:
> On 06/08/16 07:33 PM, Dan Swartzendruber wrote:
>> Okay, I almost have this all working.  fence_ipmilan for the 
>> supermicro
>> host.  Had to specify lanplus for it to work.  fence_drac5 for the 
>> R905.
>>  That was failing to complete due to timeout.  Found a couple of 
>> helpful
>> posts that recommended increase the retry count to 3 and the timeout 
>> to
>> 60.  That worked also.  The only problem now, is that it takes well 
>> over
>> a minute to complete the fencing operation.  In that interim, the 
>> fenced
>> host shows as UNCLEAN (offline), and because the fencing operation
>> hasn't completed, the other node has to wait to import the pool and
>> share out the filesystem.  This causes the vsphere hosts to declare 
>> the
>> NFS datastore down.  I hadn't gotten exact timing, but I think the
>> fencing operation took a little over a minute.  I'm wondering if I 
>> could
>> change the timeout to a smaller value, but increase the retries?  Like
>> back to the default 20 second timeout, but change retries from 1 to 5?
> Did you try the fence_ipmilan against the DRAC? It *should* work. Would
> be interesting to see if it had the same issue. Can you check the 
> DRAC's
> host's power state using ipmitool directly without delay?

Yes, I did try fence_ipmilan, but it got the timeout waiting for power 
off (or whatever).  I have to admit, I switched to fence_drac and had 
the same issue, but after increasing the timeout and retries, got it to 
work, so it is possible, that fence_ipmilan is okay.  They both seemed 
to take more than 60 seconds to complete the operation.  I have to say 
that when I do a power cycle through the drac web interface, it takes 
awhile, so that might be normal.  I think I will try again with 20 
seconds and 5 retries and see how that goes...

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