[ClusterLabs] Fencing with a 3-node (1 for quorum only) cluster

Dan Swartzendruber dswartz at druber.com
Sat Aug 6 19:33:57 EDT 2016

Okay, I almost have this all working.  fence_ipmilan for the supermicro 
host.  Had to specify lanplus for it to work.  fence_drac5 for the R905. 
  That was failing to complete due to timeout.  Found a couple of helpful 
posts that recommended increase the retry count to 3 and the timeout to 
60.  That worked also.  The only problem now, is that it takes well over 
a minute to complete the fencing operation.  In that interim, the fenced 
host shows as UNCLEAN (offline), and because the fencing operation 
hasn't completed, the other node has to wait to import the pool and 
share out the filesystem.  This causes the vsphere hosts to declare the 
NFS datastore down.  I hadn't gotten exact timing, but I think the 
fencing operation took a little over a minute.  I'm wondering if I could 
change the timeout to a smaller value, but increase the retries?  Like 
back to the default 20 second timeout, but change retries from 1 to 5?

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