[ClusterLabs] Can Pacemaker monitor geographical separated servers

bhargav M.P mpbhargav at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 14:40:31 EDT 2016

Hi All,
I have deployment where we have two Linux servers that are geographically
separated and they are across different subnets . I want the server to work
in  Active/Standby mode . I would like to use pacemaker-corsync for
performing switch over when active fails.
My requirement:
* would like to have a single virtual IP address for accessing the Linux
servers and only active must have VIP(**virtual IP address**)*

*Can pacemaker transfer the virtual IP address to new active  when the
current active fails.? If so,  how can the same virtual IP address
be accessible from the client since it has now moved to a different
subnet.? *
*If the above use case cannot be supported by the pacemaker what are the
possible options i need to look at.?*

Thank you so much for the help,
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