[ClusterLabs] Users Digest, Vol 19, Issue 3

Maciej Kopczyński mmphs.b at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 06:50:39 EDT 2016


I ran into more problems though. When configuring a stonith resource using
pcs with stonith:external/libvirt I am geeting "Unable to create resource
(...), it is not installed on this system." I have installed cluster_glue
RPM package (I am running Cent OS), the file is present in the system,
should I enable it somehow for pacemaker?


> Hello,
> Sorry if it is a trivial question, but I am facing a wall here. I am
> to configure fencing on cluster running Hyper-V. I need to modify source
> code for external/libvirt plugin, but I have no idea which package
> it, cannot Google any files, do you have any idea?
> Thanks in advance,
> Maciek
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