[ClusterLabs] Fwd: FW: heartbeat can monitor virtual IP alive or not .

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Thu Apr 28 16:01:47 EDT 2016

On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 01:18:13AM +0800, fu ml wrote:
> Ha.cf:
> The question is we want heartbeat monitor virtual IP,
> If this virtual IP on Linux01 can’t ping or respond ,
> We want Linux02 auto take over this service IP Regardless of Linux01’s
> Admin IP is alive or not,
> We try modify ha.cf as following (ex. Linux01):
> 1)    ucast eth0
> 2)    ucast eth0:0
> 3)    ucast eth0 & ucast eth0
> 4)    ucast eth0 & ucast eth0:0

> We test the four type option but all failed,

Just to clarify:
in ha.cf, you tell heartbeat which infrastructure to use
for cluster communications.
That means, IPs and NICs you mention there must already exist.

In haresources,
you'd put the resources the cluster is supposed to manage.
That could be an IP address.

But no, *heartbeat* in haresources mode
does NOT do resource monitoring.
It does node alive checks based on heartbeats,
it re-acts on node-dead events only.
For resource monitoring, you'd have to combine it with pacemaker.
(or, like in the old days, mon, or similar stuff). But don't.

If you need more than "node-dead" detection,
what you should do for a new system is:
==> use pacemaker on corosync.

Or, if all you are going to manage is a bunch of IP adresses,
maybe you should chose a different tool, VRRP with keepalived
may be better for your needs.

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