[ClusterLabs] Coming in 1.1.15: Event-driven alerts

renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp
Fri Apr 22 07:48:00 EDT 2016

Hi Ken,

We waited for this function.
I confirm this function from today.
If there are any problem and opinion, I feed back.

Best Regards,
Hideo Yamauchi.

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> From: Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com>
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> Date: 2016/4/22, Fri 02:50
> Subject: [ClusterLabs] Coming in 1.1.15: Event-driven alerts
> Hello everybody,
> The release cycle for 1.1.15 will be started soon (hopefully tomorrow)!
> The most prominent feature will be Klaus Wenninger's new implementation
> of event-driven alerts -- the ability to call scripts whenever
> interesting events occur (nodes joining/leaving, resources
> starting/stopping, etc.).
> This is the improved successor to both the ClusterMon resource agent and
> the experimental "notification-agent" feature that has been in the
> upstream master branch.
> The new feature was renamed to "alerts" to avoid confusion with the
> unrelated "notify" resource action.
> High-level tools such as crm and pcs should eventually provide an easy
> way to configure this, but at the XML level, the cluster configuration
> may now contain an alerts section:
>    <configuration>
>       ...
>       <alerts>
>          ...
>       </alerts>
>    </configuration>
> The alerts section can have any number of alerts, which look like:
>    <alert id="alert-1"
>           path="/srv/pacemaker/pcmk_alert_sample.sh">
>       <recipient id="alert-1-recipient-1"
>                  value="/var/log/cluster-alerts.log" />
>    </alert>
> As always, id is simply a unique label for the entry. The path is an
> arbitrary file path to an alert script. Existing external scripts used
> with ClusterMon resources will work as alert scripts, because the
> interface is compatible.
> We intend to provide sample scripts in the extra/alerts source
> directory. The existing pcmk_notify_sample.sh script has been moved
> there (as pcmk_alert_sample.sh), and so has pcmk_snmp_helper.sh.
> Each alert may have any number of recipients configured. These values
> will simply be passed to the script as arguments. The first recipient
> will also be passed as the CRM_alert_recipient environment variable, for
> compatibility with existing scripts that only support one recipient.
> (All CRM_alert_* variables will also be passed as CRM_notify_* for
> compatibility with existing ClusterMon scripts.)
> An alert may also have instance attributes and meta-attributes, for example:
>    <alert id="alert-1"
>           path="/srv/pacemaker/pcmk_alert_sample.sh">
>       <meta_attributes id="alert-1-meta">
>          <nvpair id="alert-1-timeout" name="timeout" 
> value="10s" />
>       </meta_attributes>
>       <instance_attributes id="alert-1-vars">
>         <nvpair id="alert-1-vars-1" name="magic" 
> value="1" />
>         <nvpair id="alert-1-vars-2" name="something" 
> value="true" />
>       </instance_attributes>
>       <recipient id="alert-1-recipient-1"
>                  value="/var/log/cluster-alerts.log" />
>    </alert>
> The meta-attributes are optional properties used by the cluster.
> Currently, they include "timeout" (which defaults to 30s) and
> "tstamp_format" (which defaults to "%H:%M:%S.%06N", and is a
> microsecond-resolution timestamp provided to the alert script as the
> CRM_alert_timestamp environment variable).
> The instance attributes are arbitrary values that will be passed as
> environment variables to the alert script. This provides you a
> convenient way to configure your scripts in the cluster, so you can
> easily reuse them.
> In the current implementation, meta-attributes and instance attributes
> may also be specified within the <recipient> block, in which case they
> override any values specified in the <alert> block when sent to that
> recipient. Whether this stays in the final 1.1.15 release or not depends
> on whether people find this to be useful, or confusing.
> Sometime during the 1.1.15 release cycle, the previous experimental
> interface (the notification-agent and notification-recipient cluster
> properties) will be disabled by default at compile-time. If you are
> compiling the master branch from source and require that interface, you
> can define RHEL7_COMPAT when building, to enable support.
> This feature is already in the upstream master branch, and will be in
> the forthcoming 1.1.15-rc1 release candidate. Everyone is encouraged to
> try it out and give feedback.
> -- 
> Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com>
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