[ClusterLabs] Rework function next_nodeid.

Kristoffer Grönlund kgronlund at suse.com
Thu Apr 7 03:32:29 EDT 2016

Andrei Maruha <Andrei_Maruha at epam.com> writes:

> Hi,
> Attached patch contains a little bit reworked function next_nodeid, 
> because some times it is not clear why node gets new id during rejoin 
> operation. Ex:
> 1. cluster with one node, id is 1;
> 2. join another node, joined node gets  id 2;
> 3. delete the node with id 1 from the cluster;
> 4. join this node again and ... joined node gets id 3.
> With this fix node id for the first node after rejoin will be set again 
> to 1.


Thank you for this patch!

I have integrated it upstream in this commit:


It will be included in the next release on the 2.2 branch.

I modified the patch slightly to avoid adding a dependency on the mock



> Best Regards,
> Andrei Maruha

// Kristoffer Grönlund
// kgronlund at suse.com

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