[ClusterLabs] Moving Related Servers

‪H Yavari‬ ‪ hyavari at rocketmail.com
Mon Apr 18 03:34:20 EDT 2016

I have 4 CentOS servers (App1,App2.App3 and App4). I created a cluster for App1 and App2 with a IP float and it works well. In our infrastructure App1 works only with App3 and App2 only works with App4. I mean we have 2 server sets (App1 and App3) , (App2 and App4).So I want when server app1 is down and app2 will Online node, App3 will offline too and App4 will Online and vice versa, I mean when App3 is down and App4 will Online, App1 will offline too.

How can I do with pacemaker ? we have our self service on servers so how can I user Pacemaker for monitoring these services?

Thanks for reply.
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