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Hi ,
Sorry but I'm a little confused.I should create a cluster with 4 node, how each node will be configured? 
I should note this, that end users only work with App Z. App Y only is in communication with App Z.So I should define one floating IP on all nodes? or on 2 App Z nodes?
I should configure all services that related to App Z and App Y on all nodes?
For example App Z is Apache. I should add Apache to resources on all nodes? or only to nodes that run this service? 

Thanks for your reply.

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Am Dienstag, 15. September 2015, 13:38:59 schrieb H Yavari‬:

> Hi,
> Thanks for reply.
> The problem is Compute resource, the appY and appZ can't run on same Server.
> It is possible ?
> Regards,

As far as I understood:

You have the applications Y and Z and the servers A, B, C and D.

The applications Y and Z cannot run on the same node.

Solution    1:
Make two clusters M (from node A and B) and Cluster N (from nodes C and D). 
Cluster M runs the application Y and Cluster N run the application Z.

Solution 2:
Make one big cluster from all four nodes and configure constraints that the 
applications will not run on the same node. Side note: Basically you only need 
three nodes in this scenario:
- application Y running on node A
- application Z running on node B
- in case of a failure of A or B the cluster starts the failed application on 
node C

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