[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker/pcs & DRBD not demoting secondary node to Slave (always Stopped)

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Mon Sep 21 13:58:30 EDT 2015

On 21/09/15 11:23 AM, Jason Gress wrote:
> Yeah, I had problems, which I am thinking might be firewall related.  In a
> previous place of employment I had ipmi working great (but with
> heartbeat), so I do have some experience with IPMI STONITH.

If you can query the IPMI sensor data, you should have no trouble
fencing. It's basically a wrapper for ipmitool. Can you use ipmitool to
query anything over the network?

> Example:
> [root at fx201-1a ~]# fence_ipmilan -a 10.XX.XX.XX -l root -p calvin -o status
> Failed: Unable to obtain correct plug status or plug is not available
> (Don't worry, default dell pw left in for illustrative purposes only!)

That doesn't make sense... No plug is needed for IPMI fencing. What OS
and what hardware?

> When I tried to watch it with tcpdump, it seems to use random ports, so I
> couldn't really advise the firewall team on how to make this work.  SSH
> into the drac works fine, and IPMI over IP is enabled.  If anyone has
> ideas on this, they would be greatly appreciated.

You're initiating the connection, so no firewall edits should be needed
(anything returning should be ESTABLISHED/RELATED).

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