[ClusterLabs] RES: Can't get a group of IP address up when moving to a new version of Pacemaker/Corosync

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Fri Sep 4 06:54:47 EDT 2015


On Wed, Sep 02, 2015 at 03:44:47PM -0300, Carlos Xavier wrote:
> Hi Kristoffer.
> Tank you very much for fast reply.
> I did a cleanup of the resource and took a look at the log and could see that the issue has something to do with the RA IPaddr2 trying to set some iptables rule, although we are not using any iptables rule set.
> crm(live)resource# cleanup c-ip-httpd
> Cleaning up ip_ccardbusiness:0 on apolo
> Cleaning up ip_ccardbusiness:0 on diana
> Cleaning up ip_ccardgift:0 on apolo
> Cleaning up ip_ccardgift:0 on diana
> Cleaning up ip_intranet:0 on apolo
> Cleaning up ip_intranet:0 on diana
> Cleaning up ip_ccardbusiness:1 on apolo
> Cleaning up ip_ccardbusiness:1 on diana
> Cleaning up ip_ccardgift:1 on apolo
> Cleaning up ip_ccardgift:1 on diana
> Cleaning up ip_intranet:1 on apolo
> Cleaning up ip_intranet:1 on diana
> Waiting for 12 replies from the CRMd............ OK
> And on the log we have
> 2015-09-02T14:40:54.184995-03:00 apolo IPaddr2(ip_ccardbusiness)[8360]: ERROR: iptables failed
> 2015-09-02T14:40:54.187651-03:00 apolo lrmd[5182]:   notice: operation_finished: ip_ccardbusiness_start_0:8360:stderr [ iptables: No chain/target/match by that name. ]

The target used is CLUSTERIP. Do you have the iptables extensions
installed (you should)? The package is called xtables-plugins. It
should contain a library with CLUSTERIP support.


> Is there a way to stop the IPaddr2 RA to try to manage the iptables rule?

No, there isn't. Not a specialist on this, but so far nobody
complained about iptables use. The underlying problem should be

Since you're running a SLE product, you can also ask for help
from the SUSE support.



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