[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker: Custom Health Checks possible?

Sebish sebish at sebish.de
Wed Sep 23 08:10:52 EDT 2015

Dear all on clusterlabs mailing list,

there remains a question, even google could not deliver the answer for:

  * *Does Pacemaker + Heartbeat 2 / Corosync  (/openAIS) provide the
    possibility to use custom health checks?*
  * *Which part of the constellation must it be added to?*

Especially I need to be able to integrate a health check for a SIP Proxy 
(Kamailio) and perhaps openHAB.
SIP: Trying to establish call, getting ACK (or correct answer) back -> 
Check okay || No or false answer -> Check failed.

I am googling this for days, read papers, but did not find an answer.

Thanks for your interest and time!

Have a nice day
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