[ClusterLabs] Need bash instead of /bin/sh

dan dan.oscarsson at intraphone.com
Wed Sep 23 07:39:30 EDT 2015


As I had problem with corosync 2.3.3 and pacemaker 1.1.10 which was
default in my version of ubuntu, I have now compiled and installed
corosync 2.3.4 and pacemaker 1.1.12.

And now it works.

Though the file /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/pacemaker/controld
does not work as /bin/sh is linked to dash on ubuntu (and I think
several other Linux variants).

It is line 182:
            local addr_list=$(cat /sys/kernel/config/dlm/cluster/comms/*/addr_list 2>/dev/null)

that does not work in ubuntu's version of dash.

I fixed it by changing so /bin/bash is used instead of /bin/sh (on line
1 of the script).

The current version in git looks like it has the same problem.

Maybe you should switch to /bin/bash for scripts that need it as not
everybody have /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash.


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