[ClusterLabs] HA Cluster and Fencing

Streeter, Michelle N michelle.n.streeter at boeing.com
Thu Sep 3 12:44:04 EDT 2015

I was trying to get a HA Cluster working but it was not failing over.   In past posts, someone kept asking me to get the fencing working and make it a priority.  So I finally got the fencing to work with VBox.  And the fail over finally started working for my HA cluster.   When I tried to explain this to my lead, he didn't believe me that the fencing was the issue with the fail over.   So, would someone help me understand why this happened so I can explain it to my lead.   Also, when I was trying to get Pacemaker 1.1.11 working, it was failing over fine without the fencing but when I added more than one drive to be serviced by the cluster via NFS.   The drives were being serviced by  both nodes almost as if it was load balancing.  It was suggested back then to get the fencing working.   So I take it if I went back to that version, this would have fixed the issue.  Would you also help me explain why this is true?

Michelle Streeter
ASC2 MCS - SDE/ACL/SDL/EDL OKC Software Engineer
The Boeing Company
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