[ClusterLabs] Cluster node loss detection.

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Fri Oct 16 11:03:40 EDT 2015

On 16/10/15 10:51 AM, Vallevand, Mark K wrote:
> It looks like it takes 20s for a cluster to detect that a node has been
> lost.

Loss is detected by corosync, and it declares loss after X lost totem
tokens, each token being declared lost after Y milliseconds. By default,
node loss should be detected in about 1 second of no network traffic,
but you need to check corosync's settings.

> The detection seems to correlate to dlm reporting its lost connection to
> the node.

Negative. DLM is informed when a node is declared lost and blocks until
fenced/stonithd tells it that the peer has been successfully fenced.
After which time, it reaps lost locks and recovers.

> Not sure if correlation is causation.


> Anyway, can someone tell me where that 20s might be coming from and if
> it is adjustable? 
> Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
> pacemaker 1.1.10
>  cman 3.1.7
> corosync 1.4.6
> Thanks!
> Regards.
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