[ClusterLabs] Corosync+Pacemaker error during failover

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Thu Oct 8 11:50:04 EDT 2015

On 10/08/2015 10:16 AM, priyanka wrote:
> Hi,
> We are trying to build a HA setup for our servers using DRBD + Corosync
> + pacemaker stack.
> Attached is the configuration file for corosync/pacemaker and drbd.

A few things I noticed:

* Don't set become-primary-on in the DRBD configuration in a Pacemaker
cluster; Pacemaker should handle all promotions to primary.

* I'm no NFS expert, but why is res_exportfs_root cloned? Can both
servers export it at the same time? I would expect it to be in the group
before res_exportfs_export1.

* Your constraints need some adjustment. Partly it depends on the answer
to the previous question, but currently res_fs (via the group) is
ordered after res_exportfs_root, and I don't see how that could work.

> We are getting errors while testing this setup.
> 1. When we stop corosync on Master machine say server1(lock), it is
> Stonith'ed. In this case slave-server2(sher) is promoted to master.
>    But when server1(lock) reboots res_exportfs_export1 is started on
> both the servers and that resource goes into failed state followed by
> servers going into unclean state.
>    Then server1(lock) reboots and server2(sher) is master but in unclean
> state. After server1(lock) comes up, server2(sher) is stonith'ed and
> server1(lock) is slave(the only online node).
>    When server2(sher) comes up, both the servers are slaves and resource
> group(rg_export) is stopped. Then server2(sher) becomes Master and
> server1(lock) is slave and resource group is started.
>    At this point configuration becomes stable.
> PFA logs(syslog) of server2(sher) after it is promoted to master till it
> is first rebooted when resource exportfs goes into failed state.
> Please let us know if the configuration is appropriate. From the logs we
> could not figure out exact reason of resource failure.
> Your comment on this scenario will be very helpful.
> Thanks,
> Priyanka
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