[ClusterLabs] Resource placement strategy and utilization AND resource location preference

Vallevand, Mark K Mark.Vallevand at UNISYS.com
Tue Oct 27 17:24:19 EDT 2015

How do the resource placement strategy and utilization AND resource location preference relate?

I mean, is it one or the other?  Or both somehow?

If I set a resource location preference, how will that affect placement strategy like balanced?  Vice versa.

Here's the problem I'm looking at.
I have a large number of resources that have very different utilization values.  Say 1-10.  All my nodes have the same utilization values.  I want the placement to be balanced.  That works nicely.  Consider what happens when a node fails and then rejoins the cluster.  The balanced placement moves the resources when the node fails and again when it rejoins.  It's not good to have resources move.  Setting a resource-stickiness helps when the node fails.  Rebalancing seems to be sane.  But, when the node rejoins, the resources stick where they are and the rejoining node carries no load.  If I don't do any resource placement strategy at all and consider each resource to be equal, I can set resource location preferences so that resources move when the node fails and return to it when it rejoins.
I want it all.  :-)
I want the resources to be placed with balanced regard to utilization.
I want only the resources on a failed node to be reallocated to remaining nodes (with balanced utilization as much as possible).
I want those resources to return to the node when it rejoins.  (Or a subset of them if that balances better.)

I could ignore placement strategy and script up resource location preferences that mimic a balanced load.  But, I'd rather let clustering do it.

Any ideas would be very welcome.

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