[ClusterLabs] [ANNOUNCE] [HA] [Pacemaker] new, maintained openstack-resource-agents repository

Adam Spiers aspiers at suse.com
Wed Oct 21 06:34:43 EDT 2015

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Hi all,

Back in June I proposed moving the well-used but no longer maintained
https://github.com/madkiss/openstack-resource-agents/ repository to


The responses I got were more or less unanimously in favour, so I'm
simultaneously pleased and slightly embarrassed to announce that 4
months later, I've finally followed up on my proposal:


Since June, Stackforge has been retired, so as you can see above, this
repository lives under the 'openstack' namespace.

I volunteered to be a maintainer and there were no objections.  I sent
out an initial call for co-maintainers but noone expressed an interest
which is probably fine because the workload is likely to be quite
light.  However if you'd like to be involved please drop me a line.

I've also taken care of outstanding pull requests and bug reports
against the old repository, and providing a redirect from the old
repository's README to the new one.

Still TODO: adding this repository to the Big Tent.  I've had some
discussions with the openstack-infra team about that, since there is
not currently a suitable project team to create it under.  We might
create a new project team called "OpenStack Pacemaker" or similar, and
place it under that.  ("OpenStack HA" would be far too broad to be
able to find a single PTL.)  However there is no rush for this, and it
has been suggested that it would not be a bad thing to wait for the
"new" project to stabilise and prove its longevity before making it


P.S. I'll be in Tokyo if anyone wants to meet there and discuss

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