[ClusterLabs] When I use in combination VirtualDomain and external/libvirt where a user is new, the cluster fails in reboot of STONITH.

renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp
Tue Oct 13 21:43:08 EDT 2015

Hi All,

When I put new VirtualDomain and extenal/libvirt together, STONITH fails.

Step1) I confirm a guest.

[root at dl380g8a ~]# virsh list                
 Id    Name                           State

Step2) I do create in the same way as the start of the guest of VirtualDomain.

[root at dl380g8a ~]# virsh create /etc/libvirt/qemu/pgsr01.xml 
Domain pgsr01 created from /etc/libvirt/qemu/pgsr01.xml

Step3) I confirm a guest.

[root at dl380g8a ~]# virsh list 
 Id    Name                           State
 12    pgsr01                         running

Step4) I do operation same as STONITH of external/libvirt.(reboot = destroy and start)
 * However, start fails.

[root at dl380g8a ~]# virsh destroy pgsr01
Domain pgsr01 destroyed

[root at dl380g8a ~]# LANG=C&&virsh start pgsr01
error: failed to get domain 'pgsr01'

As for the problem, it is not cooperated external/libvirt to use with new VirtualDomain.

It seems to be necessary to take next coping.

 * Changing external/blivrit to support new VirtualDomain.
 * When a user uses external/blivrit in combination with VirtualDomain, users use "pcmk_reboot_action" setting in "off".

Best Regards,
Hideo Yamauch.

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