[ClusterLabs] [Announce] clufter (CLUster FilTER) introduction & clufter-0.11.1 released

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Tue May 19 18:46:57 EDT 2015

I am pleased to introduce a clufter project -- tool/library for
transforming/analyzing cluster configuration formats.

Primary use-case it aims to assist with is a cluster/HA configuration
migration from a CMAN/rgmanager stack onto its (partial or full)
successors featuring Pacemaker.  That's one of the possible
convergence paths from previously fragmented free software
clustering/HA landscape -- here in particular the one essentially
connected with Red Hat and its products (self-explanatory, isn't it?).

The greatest user-facing exposure of the implemented features is through
a built-in clufter command, but currently some important bits are also
being integrated into pcs making it the first library user.

Example clufter usage (stdout space-prefixed, stderr starts with '> '):

- following will convert /etc/cluster/cluster.conf into something
  possibly usable as configuration file for Corosync v2 and Pacemaker
  (CIB) respectively:
$ clufter ccs2pcs-needle
> [xml2simpleconfig] output file: corosync-403f570d.conf
> [cib2cibfinal    ] output file: cib-403f570d.xml

- following will convert explicitly provided configuration (a la
  cluster.conf) into a sequence of pcs commands (explicitly
  specified that we mean CMAN/RHEL 6 stack via "-flatiron"):
$ clufter ccs2pcscmd-flatiron tests/cluster-rhel6.conf
  pcs cluster setup --name one rhel6-node1 rhel6-node2
  pcs stonith create FENCEDEV-xvm fence_xvm 'pcmk_host_map=rhel6-node1:rhel6-node1,rhel6-node2:rhel6-node2'
  pcs resource create RESOURCE-ip- ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 'ip='
> [stringiter-combine2] output file: <stdout>

The public repository (notably master and next branches) is currently at

Official, signed releases can be found at
(also beware, automatic archives by GitHub preserve a "dev structure").

Natively packaged in Fedora (python-clufter, clufter-cli).

Issues & suggestions can be reported at either of (regardless if Fedora)

Patches welcome.

 * * *

I am also happy to announce that just today, clufter-0.11.1 has been
released and published (incl. signature using my 60BCBB4F5CD7F9EF key):

As this is a first announcement, no changelog highlights follow.

The software is slowly maturing, so please be patient with it :-)
Should you encounter any issue, please report it per instructions.

Likewise, I am looking forward to any relevant use case that could
possibly build upon what clufter currently implements and provides.

 * * *

For the interested, I am also linking a brief presentation on clufter:

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