[ClusterLabs] KVM RHEL7 cluster

Ondrej Koch ondrej.koch at techlib.cz
Tue May 19 07:59:25 EDT 2015

we're trying to build a 6-node KVM virtualization cluster on
CentOS7/RHEL7 using GFS2, CLVM and DLM.
More or less we were following Red Hat documentation and everything
seems to be fine but... We can stop cluster service on a single node and
everything migrates to other nodes. However, as soon as that node
becomes a cluster member again, every VirtualDomain on every cluster
node reboots.

We tried to kill clvmd as well, cluster noticed that, reinitialized
clvmd and... again every VirtualDomain rebooted.
Our cib is attached.

We suspect something about our dependency and/or colocation rules causes
that. Could you please inspect and give us some directions?

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