[ClusterLabs] Resource getting hard-flipped when node recovers

Matthew Vernon mcv21 at cam.ac.uk
Thu May 14 13:24:24 EDT 2015


I have a 3-node pacemaker/corosync cluster (output of crm configure save
below); my resource is a xen guest, and if I make its live node standby,
then it is live-migrated, as you'd expect.

If I hard-power-off the live node, then the other xenhost node starts up
the guest, as you'd expect.

When, however, I turn the formerly-live node back on, the guest is
stopped on the newer-live node, and started on the formerly-live node again.

I don't mind this moving, but I do mind that it's a stop-and-start
rather than a migration. Can I stop this happening?



node 739821491: on \
        attributes type=quorum
node 739821492: ophon \
        attributes type=xenhost maintenance=off standby=off
node 739821493: opus \
        attributes type=xenhost maintenance=off standby=off
primitive written Xen \
        params xmfile="/etc/xen/written.csi.private.cam.ac.uk.cfg" \
        meta allow-migrate=true target-role=Started \
        op monitor timeout=30 interval=10 depth=0 \
        op start timeout=60 interval=0 \
        op stop timeout=40 interval=0
location xenhosts written \
        rule -inf: type ne xenhost
property cib-bootstrap-options: \
        dc-version=1.1.12-561c4cf \
        cluster-infrastructure=corosync \
        cluster-name=mwsv3 \
        stonith-enabled=false \

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