[ClusterLabs] Preventing Cluster from moving resources

Peter Albrecht albrecht at opensourceservices.de
Wed May 13 10:10:02 EDT 2015


I have configured a two-node RHEL 6.6 cluster with Pacemaker.

Whenever I create a new resource (actually it's resource groups I am 
creating using a script), the resource group is started on one of the 

Two questions:

1. Is there a way to create a resource / resource group without starting it 
   immediately? Currently, after creating all my resource groups I disable 
   them in order to prevent the cluster from starting them.
2. When disabling or deleting resources / resource groups, the other 
   resources are moved around between the nodes. Is there a way to prevent 
   this? Of course I can set location constraints (which I already do for 
   some of them). I thought there might be some parameter in the properties  
   but I did not find any.

In case you are wondering: It's a customer request to have all the resource 
groups created now but they want to decide on a case-by-case basis when 
and where to start the resource groups.

Thanks a lot,


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