[ClusterLabs] fence-agents-4.0.18 stable release

Marek "marx" Grac mgrac at redhat.com
Mon May 11 09:29:48 EDT 2015

Welcome to the fence-agents 4.0.18 release

This release includes several bugfixes and features:

* fence_scsi has now implemented action 'monitor' (thanks to John Ruemker)
* fence_scsi is now able to unfence devices added later (thanks to John 
* simplification of code thanks to auto-generation of help texts
* when 'name' is entered on STDIN instead of 'name=value', warning is 

Git repository can be found at https://github.com/ClusterLabs/fence-agents/

The new source tarball can be downloaded here:


To report bugs or issues:


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Thanks/congratulations to all people that contributed to achieve this
great milestone.


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