[ClusterLabs] Struggling to get "crm_mon -E ... " to do anything

Riley riley at on.net.nz
Sun May 10 18:52:16 EDT 2015

I have set up a virtual test environment of three nodes running CentOS
6.6 and am having trouble getting a "crm_mon -E " script called *at all*
when anything changes in the cluster (resource killed, node killed,
resource moved, etc.).

After looking at the sources and adding in some debugging it would
appear that the routine tools/crm_mon.c/crm_diff_update() fails to
identify any of the xml passing through it using xpath_search(msg,"//"
which I believe should identify

I have never seen "diff-added" in the xml, the only things that I see
which seem to be close are messages
containing"<cib_update_result>...<diff format="2">...<lrm_rsc_op ...>".

The basic install was made using the instructions from
http://clusterlabs.org/quickstart-redhat-6.html, but with three nodes I
have enabled quorum. Fencing is not enabled, could this be the cause of
my problems?

pacemaker.i686 1.1.12-4.el6
corosync.i686 1.4.7-1.el6
pcs.i686 0.9.123-9.0.1.el6.centos
ccs.i686 0.16.2-75.el6_6.1
resource-agents.i686 3.9.5-12.el6_6.4

Many thanks for any pointers you can give me.

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