[ClusterLabs] multple interfaces with pcsd and IPaddr2 fail to load

GRAY Andrew G (SPARQ) andrew.gray1 at sparq.com.au
Thu May 7 19:34:47 EDT 2015

I have a two node cluster with 7 nics each. The cluster nodes are the primary (externally facing) interfaces. The other interfaces access private 10.x subnets.
(It's a sandpit dev environment that simulates production). The cluster is basically a router/firewall for the subnets.

Problem. I have 7 IPaddr2 resources, one on each interface with a VIP. The IPaddr2 resource is functional (starts OK) on the same interface (primary interfaces) as the pcsd cluster nodes, but will not start on any of the other interfaces (10.x private nets).

Is there a work around for this ? Do I need to setup a 14 node cluster and include every interface even though there are only 2 virtual machines ? This seems a little counter productive.

I'd appreciate any pointers you can give me.


Andrew Gray.
RHCSA, Professional Unix Administration.
Ph: (07) 3664 5112

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