[ClusterLabs] Postgresql pg_archive directory seems to keep growing

"Tomcsányi, Domonkos" tomcsanyid at modit.hu
Mon Mar 30 08:02:17 EDT 2015

Thank you Kazutomo, here is my situation:
I checked the backup_label file, but only found a file called 
backup_label.old (there is no backup_label file). It seems it was 
created 6 months ago, when I did the last base_backup. So I'm a little 
confused what to do about this, I would like to automate if possible the 
deletion of the unnecessary files. But till then I think we will just 
log in to the server and see what files could be deleted based on their 
modification date.


2015.03.12. 7:22 keltezéssel, NAKAHIRA Kazutomo írta:
> Hi, Domi
> archive_cleanup_command is used for recovery.conf
> and cleanup works only slave node.
> Administrator have to delete archive files in the master node
> who's own responsibility.
> Old archive files can be removed from running master after base_backup.
> "START WAL LOCATION:" in the $PGDATA/backup_label shows latest archive
> file name that must be keep in the archive directory.
> And *.history file just before latest archive file must be keep
> in the archive directory.
> The other older files can be delete from archive directory.
> Strictly, how to determine deletable archive files in the running
> master is a little complex because it is needed that consider latest
> checkpoint status in the slave(REDO point and timeline ID).
> But, it is not a cause for concern when slave is synchronous with master.
> Best regards,
> Kazutomo NAKAHIRA
> On 2015/03/12 1:00, "Tomcsányi, Domonkos" wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I just have a quick question: I have a PostgreSQL master-slave cluster
>> set up using Pacemaker pretty much following this guide:
>> http://clusterlabs.org/wiki/PgSQL_Replicated_Cluster
>> I ended up with a working cluster, we tested it, failover happened just
>> fine, slave became master etc. so we put it in production.
>> Now what I see is that the pg_archive directory keeps on growing. I
>> thought it was supposed to get cleaned after the slave received the WAL
>> files needed to be in sync with the master, but that didn't happen.
>> I'm using the following archive command:
>> archive_command = 'cp %p /var/lib/postgresql/9.3/main/pg_archive/%f'
>> It feels weird to me, since I also saw some guides telling me to using
>> rsync here, or use cp, but then run a cron job to regurarly rsync the
>> contents of the directory to the slave node. Somehow I can't figure out
>> if rsync is really needed or not, to be honest I can't truly figure out
>> how exactly Postgres works in terms of replication.
>> I also tried adding the following to my RA config:
>> archive_cleanup_command="/usr/lib/postgresql/9.3/bin/pg_archivecleanup
>> /var/lib/postgresql/9.3/main/pg_archive %r"
>> but it didn't change the fact that my archive directory seems to be just
>> growing and growing, and it has some files in it that were not touched
>> in a month or so.
>> I'm confused, so I'd really appreciate any help :).
>> Thank you,
>> Domi
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